Reasons To Book Sharon!

Authentic, Real And Grounded

Sharon knows how to connect with a room and believes in being herself as the most effective way to reach people and inspire them. Raw, exposed and vulnerable in any moment to share her personal experiences and professional learnings, Sharon delivers an honest and connected keynote that will leave audiences with a memorable and palpable experience.

Heart, Passion And Purpose

Sharon’s passion is in bringing together the human spirit with science. A big fan of human development and evolution, Sharon is committed to the values of compassion, personal freedom and empowerment, equality and diversity and to the mystical journey of life.

Expert Knowledge, Well-Researched And On-Point

Sharon delivers learning with meaning. Through sharing personal and professional stories coupled with her expert knowledge of neuroscience, Sharon delivers talks that are structured to land with maximum impact. As well as using story telling, research and real-life case examples, Sharon’s talks also provide actionable take-away challenges and tips for people to implement.

Thought Provoking, Reflective And Forward Thinking

Sharon challenges old paradigms and provides insights into possible new futures. She puts women at the forefront as contemporary leaders of change. Guaranteed to inspire women and leave them in touch with their unique capabilities to influence society and world culture at large.

Intuitive, Creative And Connected

Sharon feels connected to the current issues concerning women and loves to empower them to use their intuition and creativity to find personal and professional solutions and to make better decisions. Brought on a journey, audiences feel inspired and encouraged to create meaningful change and to become a key influencer in their own lives.

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Sharon’s Talks Will Enthrall Your Audience

 Anxiety And Stress: The Good, The Bad And The Necessary

Research now demonstrates that there IS such a thing as “good stress”.

The bigger question is, when do we move forward into the stress or anxiety, and when do we listen to our fear, and take some “time out” to look after ourselves. Which direction is TRULY in our best interest?
Sharon will talk about the importance of “WHAT” we do with our levels of stress and anxiety. From mild nerves to to high-level anxiety, she will discuss what’s happening in the brain; neural loops, the 3 key parts of the brain, and how to develop “relatable resilience” to make change possible without over pushing. She will discuss how we relate to ourselves in our “stress states” is a key development opportunity that can facilitate positive change.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • How to develop your “relatable resilience” muscle
  • How to not allow your fears to take centre stage and hold you back
  • How to have EFFECTIVE time-outs that are truly energising and replenishing
  • How to avoid the trap of isolating yourself in your fear or anxiety
  • How to utilise inner and outer support to manage your stress and anxiety

Who Is This Talk For?

All talks can be tailored toward individuals, groups or organisations.

Your Brain, Epigenetics And The Environment: Your New Roadmap To Change

Rarely can we bootstrap ourselves into repeatable sustainable change.

We might be able to use sheer willpower in the first instance, but without the right environment, it can be difficult to sustain change for long. Sharon will move participants beyond what they thought possible and open a doorway to change with ease.

Drawing on the latest neuroscience research, Sharon will arm participants with new evidence and tangible steps that will enable them to overcome obstacles and literally transform themselves from the inside out, AND from the outside in.

This talk offers the key ingredients needed to facilitate real, lasting and
sustainable change, change that actually sticks:

  • Learn about your brain’s memory change-system and how to influence it
  • Understand the powerful role that environment plays in successful change
  • Learn about your innate change-readiness and what enhances this
  • Learn mindfulness tips for change-ease

Who Is This Talk For?

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The Power Of FEW: Food, Emotions And Weight

How do our thoughts, emotions, habits, and behaviours contribute to our weight?

And how much does our weight affect our behaviour and the choices we make in the world?
How much does self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-love play into our ability to lose weight or put our wellbeing first?

In this talk, Sharon explores our relationships to food, weight, our bodies and the obstacles standing in front of the results we desire. Together, we’ll examine the motivations and thoughts that drive our eating behaviours, as well as explore the body we desire and dream of. Through mindfulness applications you will learn how to access the messages and gifts that hide within our food addictions.

You will walk away with tangible tools to help you accomplish sustainable change in your health and body weight. More importantly, you will learn how to un-program yourself from old patterns and beliefs, and create a way forward that is organic, easy, self-loving and attainable.

Sharon will focus on:

  • The role of inner and outer support for optimal results
  • How to be “real but related” in your approach to weight loss
  • Understanding food as a core relationship with yourself
  • Understanding how to avoid self-sabotage and manage cravings and triggers
  • How to claim the body that you want and desire, and deserve

Support and safety are essential in creating optimal brain conditions for change to happen