Are You Desperate For Change, But Keep Repeating The Same Old Patterns?

Let’s face it. Modern life has its fair share of challenges, so much so that 90% of people want to shift something in their lives. Instead, they are stuck in habitual cycles of behaviour. As a change specialist with a background in process-oriented psychology and brain science, I help women in business achieve their full potential and restore their sense of personal freedom.

Are you experiencing any of the following?


You’re exceptionally talented with an amazing mind, but you’re way too hard on yourself. Your over-thinking inner perfectionist takes over with a loop of criticism that ends up leaving you anxious, depressed or stressed.


Your all-too-common default position is self sabotage. You lack the confidence to follow your deepest desires, so you end up playing small at work against your own instincts, intuitive knowing and creative brilliance.


You use your willpower to ‘suck it up and push through hard’ to achieve professional success rather than follow your heart. This lack of inner alignment leads to a feeling of emptiness, exhaustion and a trail of broken promises – to yourself.

Sharon The Neuro-Change Expert

Hi, I’m Sharon!

I’m a speaker, women’s empowerment coach and certified neuro-psychotherapist. I support corporate women who are ready for change to get unstuck and authentically transform themselves. My way of facilitating sustainable change is to look beyond diagnosis and labels. Instead, I help my clients deal with pressure in all aspects of their life by understanding the parts of themselves that no longer serve them so they can move forward in a positive way. I call this the Path with Heart.


Changing From The Outside In, And The Inside Out

My approach is unique because it draws on neuro-science, epigenetics (how our genes express themselves), mindfulness principles and process-oriented psychology to release blocks, empowering women to become freer to fulfil their dreams.


Develops a strong vision and new perspective to enable change ease


Increased fulfilment across earning capacity, jobs, relationships, health and self confidence


Restores balance, and invites creativity and freedom


Disrupts negative habitual patterns for an optimal growth mindset

How Can I Work With Sharon


Sharon As A Speaker

She captivates her corporate audiences with moving keynotes that bust paradigms and inspire women to become a key influencer in their own lives.

Sharon As A Coach

With more than 20-years experience in behavioural science, and as a former elite athlete, Sharon knows better than most the stress caused by being stuck in a performance plateau. She specialises in helping clients create the optimal brain conditions for long-lasting positive change.


Sharon As A Facilitator

Sharon is an expert facilitator of events and workshops that investigate the brain’s neuroplasticity (ability to change). Drilling down to the specific challenges faced by corporate women, she offers actionable ways to cope with everything from power struggles and different view points, to communication styles and performance pressures.

The Wrong Number 1

Sharon / The Author

A Woman’s Journey to Self-Empowerment

During her years as an elite athlete, a series of shocking events occurred to Sharon which radically altered her path and view of life. Sharon’s story is one of overcoming great personal adversity to ultimately find  her true passion and purpose in life. In this deeply personal memoir, Sharon not only shares the pivotal events that led her to be the woman she is today, but also discusses the power of limiting relationship patterns and conditioning for women and how to break free of them to become self-empowered and fully present in one’s life.

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