What If You Had The Power To Make Change Happen With EASE?

In working with Sharon, you will:

  • Understand where you are stuck, blocked or procrastinating
  • Get to know WHY you experience self doubt, self sabotage, low self worth or ineffective self discipline
  • Discover your desired goal for change
  • Disrupt old patterns and build new neural pathways
  • Connect with your future self
  • Develop your new self through support and grounded change actions

I’ve Found There Are 3 Common Challenges All Professional Women Face In Their Attempt To Achieve Their Full Potential.


Self Doubt: These women are usually exceptional workers with amazing minds, but still repeatedly question themselves: “Am I good enough?”, “Do I need to give more?”, “What if I fail?”. Being humble is usually taken to the extreme where it becomes holding back and suppressing your brilliance, resulting in staying small.


Self Sabotage: You often withhold view points or difference in opinions. Actively sabotaging yourself is the all-too- common default position. This can manifest as going along with others and against your own instincts, intuitive knowing and creative brilliance. Symptoms can include eating or drinking unhealthily with colleagues just to “fit in”. Not going for that promotion. Procrastination. Putting others first.


Self Discipline: For many, the idea of self discipline is that you should just “suck it up and push through”. The thing is, pushing through by using willpower alone often means you end up breaking promises to yourself, or setting up plans that have no follow through. You lack an authentic and aligned connection with yourself, and therefore struggle to motivate and commit to yourself. Achievement only comes to you by pushing hard and is often accompanied by dissatisfaction and exhaustion.


70% of change transformations fail?




Sharon brings her heart and soul into every speaking event, with raw, thought-provoking and insightful keynotes. Her ability to connect with a room and palpably move her audiences is grounded in a longtime passion for bringing together the human spirit with science. With talks that are structured to land with maximum impact, Sharon shares personal and professional stories, coupled with an expert knowledge of neuroscience. Whether she’s inspiring women to create meaningful change by developing their ‘relatable resilience’ muscle, exploring how our inner worlds contribute to our weight, or examining epigenics as a tool for sustainable shifts, one thing’s for sure – Sharon will bust old paradigms and leave you with a mind-altering perspective on change.


Drawing on a 20-year background in Process Oriented Psychology, counselling and neuroscience – and life experience as a former professional athlete – Sharon understands deeply the challenges that can derail us. As a women’s empowerment coach, she gives her clients access to the more creative and often less known parts of themselves, inviting innovation, confidence and sustainable change. She does this by offering a safe and supportive space where women can get comfortable with the uncomfortable. By looking at engrained patterns, addictive behaviours, blocks and past traumas, Sharon’s coaching goes beyond diagnosis and problem solving to get results in 30 days. By motivating women to access their inner resources, she helps unstick them to facilitate the change process.



Body image continues to be a major force in most women’s lives. But have you ever thought about how our thoughts, emotions, habits and behaviours contribute to our weight? And how much does our weight affect our behaviour and the choices we make in the world? How much does self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-love play into our ability to lose weight or put our wellbeing first? In The Power of FEW: Food, Emotions & Weight workshop, Sharon sheds light on a whole new dimension of weight loss by exploring our relationships to food, weight, our bodies and the obstacles standing in front of the results we desire. Participants are given a range of tangible tools and mindfulness applications to help them get to the messages (and gifts) that hide within their food addictions, to accomplish sustainable change in health and body weight, and un-program old patterns and beliefs.

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