Every choice supports your alignment or goes against it. Be mindful of your choices.

Sharon Fennell

Can people truly change? Can we work through all our conditioning, and become who we want and hope to be?

It’s a great question and one that frames my work helping women in leadership roles to get unstuck and authentically transform themselves. The women I’m passionate about working with are dealing with performance pressures that derail them, leaving them feeling stuck, disillusioned and unable to progress. They feel out of their centre, both at work and at home.

I understand how women feel. In my early career I was an elite athlete and got stuck in a performance plateau.

Often our past experiences and personal history hold us to ransom, making us feel as if our identity and way of being in the world is set in stone. But recent neuroscience research has shown that we can literally transform ourselves from the inside out AND from the outside in, by creating new neural pathways in the brain. We can even change how our genes express themselves.

What this means is that we can now consciously choose the right conditions to blossom, and we have the brain science to help us do so. With the right support, we can shift from fear and stuckness into our greater potential. In other words, we develop a thriving mindset.

So my key message to you is, every choice we make is an invitation to enhance your personal impact and growth.

Freedom lives here!

Change is possible!

Positive change starts with a thought first, a new thought, an inspired thought. Feed that seed. Nourish that thought to become a feeling, then a behaviour, then a reality.

Sharon Fennell

Sharon Fennell is a speaker, mentor and certified neuro-psychotherapist who helps women align more deeply with themselves and their deepest purpose by creating long-lasting, positive change.

As a change advocate, she offers deep insights into the brain’s capabilities through neuroscience. Her approach empowers women to step onto their authentic path to achieve their goals, follow their dreams and experience greater personal freedom. With a 20-year background in Process Oriented Psychology, and as a former professional athlete, she provides clients with a tangible understanding of the oftentimes mysterious change process.

Sharon has trained and worked in both Australia and the United States. Her blend of experience across the psychology and wellness spectrums have equipped her to successfully work with diverse areas from mental health issues to high-level performance enhancement and change management.

Passionate about women’s psychology and the exploration of the environmental factors needed for better performance, self-alignment and sustainable change, Sharon has also successfully developed and delivered courses for women on weight psychology. The courses focus on helping women access the mindset and heart-set required for achieving weight loss and resolving food addiction.

Sharon has a BA in Behavioural Science and an MA in Process Oriented Psychology, a unique approach to human behaviour which specifically works with emotional blocks and disturbances, and the positive role of enriching environments. She offers an inclusive approach, and a safe and supportive space that truly honours what is trying to emerge in each individual.