Welcome to the Mental Coaching and Sports Psychology Blog by Sharon Fennell: ‘Helping women compete in sports, business and life’


While drafting this welcome post,  I’m also preparing to head to the US Open in Flushing Meadow, New York, where I will be interviewing professional female tennis players as well as other professional athletes to discover more about women and their relationship to competition. I’m in awe of the tennis greats like Billy Jean, Martina and Chris Evert and look forward to getting their perspective on the difficulty women had competing in a male dominated sport.

Competition is in My DNA

Competition is and has been a big part of my own personal history. I  grew up in Australia as a nationally ranked junior tennis player and played professionally for four years.  Also participating in track and field events and swim meets throughout my high school years, combined with a father that unconsciously raised me with intense sibling rivalry, competition and sport was an everyday part of my life from an early age. This lead me to a career in tennis coaching and personal training for the next 10 years.

Competition Coaching as a Career Choice

I now work with athletes on a psychological level, building their competitive muscle and giving them the confidence to have a mental edge. My competitive sports coaching services are directly targeted to professional tennis players and other athletes looking to improve their mental game.

With over 10 years of study within the field of counseling, psychology and personal change, I have launched my coaching business Sharon Fennell Consulting, which is focused specifically in working with women to compete in sports, business and life. Over the past 12months I have been working with professional athletes to enhance their performance and overall enjoyment of their sport, as well as achieving results for non-sports related individuals.

‘Helping women COMPETE in sports, business and life’

I’m excited to craft blog posts on the current challenges that professional FEMALE athletes and ALL women face in competition. I’m also eager to build a community of strong, smart and COMPETITIVE women that can help one another overcome their barriers to peak performance.

Here you will read researched as well as applied perspectives, where I will talk to the successes that I have had first hand with athletes, combined with useful tips that can be applied to sports, business of life.